Which Is Better: Office 365 Or Google Drive For Cloud Storage?


Finding the right cloud storage provider is key when it comes to figuring out the best investment to make in your cloud solutions.

There are two strong options on the market that you are likely to be choosing between.

If you are looking to invest in cloud storage and you are finding it difficult to choose between Google Drive or Office 365, you are not alone.

Below, we will talk about some of the pros and cons of each to help you decide.


Pros Of Google Drive:

1. Good Android Integration.

One of the best things about Google Drive is its Android integration.

If your company primarily uses Android-based devices, this might be an advantage that sways you in Google’s direction.

Their integration is excellent with Android devices.

2. Free Storage.

Another good thing that you will be able to take advantage of with Google Drive is the ability to get a lot of free storage that you can use.

While this is typically not going to be nearly enough for businesses, you will get 15GB to work with entirely free.

Therefore, you only have to start paying once you pass this threshold. Once you get to 100GB the price goes up to $1.99 a month which is still very respectable.

If you are using G Suite, you will have to pay $5 per user and it comes with 30GB of cloud storage.

You will only be able to access unlimited storage if you have more than 5 users. If not, you will get 1TB of storage per user.


Cons Of Google Drive:

1. Interface.

The interface of this browser is not the greatest.

You will need to deal with the shortcomings associated with the interface if you are primarily going to be using a browser to access it.


Pros Of Office 365:

1. Full Suite.

You will be able to get access to every Office application that you could possibly use.

You will be able to get the full and updated versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more.

2. 1TB of Cloud Storage.

Another good thing is the fact that you will get a full 1TB of cloud storage to go along with the access to Microsoft’s suite.

This comes along with any tiered plan with the Office 365 bundle. Therefore, you will have access to a lot of storage right off the bat.


Cons Of Office 365:

1. Cost.

With Office 365, you will end up paying quite a bit more than you would if you were to opt for G Suite or Google Drive.

However, you do get access to full desktop-based web apps which are much better developed than Google’s counterparts.

However, if you are going to be primarily operating on Android tablets or even on your phone, G Suite will have a significant advantage as the apps are much more optimised.

Overall, choosing the right option to go with comes down to figuring out what works best with your devices and what collaborative tools are going to integrate the best in your business environment.


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