What Are The Best VOIP Phone Options For Solopreneurs?


One of the largest movements today for entrepreneurs is learning how to do everything by yourself.

You may have a network of friends and colleagues that you work with, but the vast majority of your efforts are completed alone.

Many people find themselves in this situation when they are not surrounded by people they can partner up with.

Most of their contacts will usually be on Skype or via email. These people are called solopreneurs.

To make sure they can interact with like-minded people that are not in their immediate area, they may need to have a top-of-the-line VoIP phone service.

Here is an overview of why these solo entrepreneurs will need to have the very best VOIP phone service.


Do You Need A Physical Phone For VoIP Services?

In the past, it would be appropriate to have a physical phone in your place of business. They were designed to work off of your Internet connection.

However, most people today will simply download the app that will go directly onto their smartphone.

This makes it easier, allowing them to take calls over their VoIP phone service.

Although you could have a physical phone in your office, you may not even need it, unless you prefer having separate lines.

There are some top companies that produce excellent apps and services for solopreneurs.

Further to this, there are also excellent VoIP phones that you could also invest in.


Which Type Of VoIP Phone Do You Need?

If getting a physical IP phone is something you need to do, you have many options.

There are corded IP phones, cordless IP phones, and also conference phones for IP conference calls. Another one that is very popular is the video phone.

This can be used over VoIP services or even for Skype.

Although many people will simply connect the television in their conference room, if you are sitting at your desk, it’s nice to have this video access right in front of you on a separate line.

Some of the top businesses that produce these include Polycom, Grandstream and Yealink.

There are also other manufacturers that are considered to be extremely good that also have competitive prices that you may want to consider.


How To Get The Best VoIP Phone And Services Simultaneously

If you are a solopreneur, you will probably need an app and a physical phone at your place of business.

By having both of these available, plus the ability to stream conference calls directly to your television using free and paid conference call apps, you have all bases covered.

In some cases, you can have four or more people on one call, each with their own separate screen.

Your ability to do this is always dependent upon the bandwidth that you have available and the complexity of the app that you are using.

To get the best VoIP phone and services simultaneously, you can take advantage of special deals from some of the top companies.

Some of these are well-known such as Vonage, Nextiva and RingCentral.

After you have assessed the many different deals that they offer, you will be ready to choose a service and a phone that suits you best.

If you are working alone, but need to be in contact with others that you work with who are located in remote areas, VoIP phone options should be considered.

This will allow you to move forward with your business and keep call costs down to a bare minimum


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